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CNC boring machines

  • Capacity up 30 t.
  • Measurements: 8000 x 3000 x 1800 mm
  • SACEM MSMG-150 CN boring machine. Heidenhain TNC-155 numeric control; vertical sweep 1900 mm. Sweeps X 3000. Longitudinal sweep 1000 mm. Turntable 1600x1900 mm. Permissible load on table 10,000 kg. Pipe Ø 150x1000
  • Milling-boring machine with mobile column and movable ram, model: "SACEM MSC. C/N "spindle Ø 150 mm. Ram size 350x400 mm. Vertical sweep of head 3000 mm. Cross sweep of column 8000 mm. Ram sweep 1000 mm. Spindle sweep 800 mm. Turntable model MG2 500. Size 2000x2500 mm, with central sensor resolution of 0.001º, which acts as a controlled axis.