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Founded in 1982 and dedicated to providing machining services in general, José María Mendiola, S.A. began its journey with nine workers on staff working in premises located in Asteasu, moving to its present location in Andoain in 1987. The initial premises were extended with the addition of another building in 1998. In 2002, the office and warehouse were extended. In 2013, as the culmination of a process of specialization in the machining of large parts, the last extension was completed to increase our production and logistic capabilities and provide us with machinery and facilities at the forefront of the sector.

Since it was founded, the company has been continuously expanding, always looking to adapt to market needs. Recently there have been significant investments in maximum-precision resources and technology to position the company at the forefront in the machining of large parts and guarantee positive development in the sector in the medium and long term.

JMMendiola Histroia