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Quality (Metrology, certifications...)

José María Mendiola, S.A. has a quality management system compliant with the UNE EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard for methodological and organizational support and control of production processes. The system has been certified by AENOR since 2000, ensuring compliance with specifications in each job and the satisfaction of our customers with whom we always work as a collaborator.

The dimensional control of the machining process is an essential part of our production process, so we have the resources and technology required to verify our work with sufficient precision. Besides traditional equipment and due to the size of the parts we machine, it is important to note our portable laser tracker measurement system:

Point acquisition rate: Up to 1000 measurements per second.
Range of resolution: 0.158 microns/m
Repeatability (at 1000 measurements per second): 1 micron + 1 micron/m
Precision: 10 microns+0.8 microns/m
Maximum working range 35 m
Max. radial velocity: 4 m/s

Aenor ERCertified IONET