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José María Mendiola S.A. takes part at the Midest trade fair another year

Feria Midest 2021

As part of its strategy of internationalisation and promotion of large-scale machining, José María Mendiola S.A. is taking part, with its own stand, in the world's number one industrial subcontracting trade fair, which is currently being held in Lyon. Taking advantage of this event, we will be presenting our services and capabilities to a variety of professionals from the main countries operating in our sector.

Special mention in this edition deserves the fact that, for several years now, José María Mendiola has been participating with the company ENSA in the manufacturing of critical parts for the ITER project for the construction of a nuclear fusion reactor in France, a strategic initiative sponsored by the European Union aimed at research into cleaner forms of energy generation.

After the toughest period of the pandemic, José María Mendiola S.A. is working hard to come out of it as strengthened as possible, for which in recent months it has been working with important customers on important projects in the energy, aeronautical and other sectors that are about to see the light.